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Email forward as SMS

We regularly receive hundreds of messages in our emails. Not many deserves to be even opened and some get marked as spam while others are unsubscribed straight away. Only a handful, may be two or even three deserve to get responded immediately as soon as you receive them. That invariably means you need to have a way to filter the most important emails; those that deserve instant response from the ones that we can safely delete without even opening or postpone for later. While the latter two don’t require any extra efforts right away, the first does. The technique you are about to read allows you to forward a text message to your mobile phone of all those important messages. The technique is simple and it can literally save lives. The first thing that you need to do is to identify the SMS email for your phone’s carrier. It is usually your ten-digit phone number followed by a domain name such as yourphonecarrier.com. Thus, if your phone number is 1234567890 then your SMS email is 9715xxxxxxxx@forwardvaluesms.com The best way you identify the SMS email is to contact your phone carrier. If your business outsources SMS service to resellers like forwardvaluesms.com this information is given out readily to assist your customers. The next step is simple. Add an auto-forward for the urgent messages. You need to set the sender email address to the filter / auto-forwarder. Let’s say that you want to set your property broker’s email address to auto-forwarder so that each time s/he sends an email the contents are sent as an email forward as SMS to your phone. This is rather easy to do. You can choose to leave the original message in your mailbox, which is the ideal thing to do as it tends to keep things synced at one place. For any new messages sent from the email address you have set, you will receive an instant email forward as SMS.

Sending a text from an email address is simple (9715xxxxxxxx@forwardvaluesms.com), efficient, and reliable. We simply forward email as a SMS message and deliver it, with all replies then arriving as emails.

Send SMS from Any Email

Simply grant access to any email by adding it to the allowed emails list.

Send to Multiple Recipients

You can send messages to multiple recipients straight from your email.

  • Your application sends out a normal email message
  • The email is received and converted to a text message by us
  • Your business-critical email will then be delivered as a text message

No Development Skills Needed to Integrate

As long as your application can send an email, it can also send text messages with the help of Forward Value SMS.

Typical Signatures and Footers Are Removed

Normally there is no need to send email signatures and footers in the SMS

Grant Access to The Whole Company

Provide your entire team with access to the Email forward as SMS service and share account credit.

Every Message with Reports

Access your sent message history and delivery rates on the SMS reporting pages.