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SMS API Samples

Leverage the power of forwardvaluesms.com’s SMS API Samples to build your own powerful SMS sending platform. You can connect with your customers, no matter where they live. Integrating our API codes into your website is not difficult at all. You don’t need to hire a professional coder unless you really need to. We will provide you with a detailed API which should be more than enough for you to integrate the codes yourself. However, if you are not technically inclined you could simply hire someone with a little bit of coding experience to do this 10-minute job.

It’s that simple. In order to integrate our SMS API with your website you need to have to program that using some sort of scripting language. Our API supports a number of popular web scripting languages including VB.NET, PHP and PERL. We support both legacy HTTP to SMS API and the newer bulk SMS API. The HTTP to SMS API is not ideal when it comes to sending out bulk SMS. It is more suitable for the purpose of sending out smaller number of SMS and thus is ideal for smaller companies with a limited number of SMS sending requirement a day. For bulk SMS sending the bulk API is advisable.

A better solution is the XML over HTTP protocol. This is ideal for sending out larger volumes of SMS in a single HTTP request. Our SMS API and samples are available for testing. Simply click on the API page and copy the chunk of code based on the underlying technology used to build your website. Once you have the codes you can alter the parameters and try out our servers and run a trial. Our well documented API is all that you need to integrated and test run our servers before going in for a larger volume.

API for send simple Text Message


API for send Unicode Message


API for send Flash Message


API for send Unicode and Flash Message


API for check Balance


API for check delivery Status


SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : PHP Example

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : C# Example

SMS API Send SMS - HTTP Post : JAVA Example