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Bulk SMS UAE Plans

Forwardvaluesms.com is one of the largest bulk SMS provider in UAE. We offer Bulk SMS Packages, International SMS Packages

SMS Marketing Plans

How do you locate a reliable bulk SMS marketing company? How do you decide on one company among a plethora of businesses that seemingly compete


One time passwords are part of the basic two-step authentication process that allows a service provider to ensure that a person trying

SMS API Samples

Leverage the power of forwardvaluesms.com’s SMS API to build your own powerful SMS sending platform. You can connect with your customers,

UAE Short Code Service

Forwardvaluesms.com is one of the largest providers of UAE premium and none premium short codes. Short codes are abbreviated

SMS Reseller Service

Choosing a SMS reseller service is not an easy task at all. Especially because of all the seemingly similar choices you have got

Excel SMS Plugin

Sending SMS using an Excel SMS plugin is probably the easiest of ways to get the job done. An exciting thing about this system is that

Bulk SMS Applications

Some bulk SMS sending applications allow you to use the first name / name of the recipient as a parameter in the message. This means each recipient

Email to SMS

We regularly receive hundreds of messages in our emails. Not many deserves to be even opened and some get marked as spam while others are unsubscribed straight away.